Common Questions

Why does Pipeline work?

Pipeline works by leveraging two distinct behaviors:

  • customers with a positive experience don’t necessarily take the time to share it with the world. Pipeline creates a process that makes it simple and fast for these customers to share their experience;
  • customers with a negative experience often just post a review online to vent off their frustration. By pre-empting these online reviews, Pipeline gives you a chance to understand your customer’s complaints and correct them before their review appears online.

You may not always be able to prevent negative reviews from showing up online, and that’s okay: no business is perfect. But with Pipeline, you get a chance to limit the number of negative reviews you might get, and you significantly increase the number of positive reviews from customers who wouldn’t have thought to leave their feedback online if they hadn’t been prompted to.

Do reviews really improve rankings?

In this case, a Google search is worth a thousand words. Do a quick online search for your profession and location, and you will notice that businesses with multiple, positive reviews constantly show up at the top of local search results.

Why are reviews important?

Reviews offer social proof that your product or services have been used by other people. A Nielsen research conducted in 60 countries showed that consumers trust word of mouth and reviews over any other forms of advertising:

  • 86% of female shoppers trust product reviews from real people;
  • 66% of customers trust online reviews;
  • a negative review seen on Google may result in losing up to 70% of your potential customers.

How long does managing Pipeline really take?

It will take you or your team just a few minutes a month to send your customers a short email asking them to share their experience. Pipeline creates and manages the feedback funnel that allows your customers to quickly post a positive review online. You might need a few minutes every month to interact with customers who had a bad experience to see if you can address their complaints.

What happens to good reviews?

Customers who had a good experience are prompted to leave a review on the review sites of your choice. We make the process as fast and simple as possible so that your customers don’t have to spend more than a few minutes sharing their experience.

What happens to bad reviews?

Customers who had a bad experience are kept in the pipeline and asked to share more details about their interaction with your company. This form is immediately sent to you so you can get in touch with the customer and see how you can address their complaints and improve their experience with your business.

Do you write any reviews? Do you suppress reviews?

Absolutely not! Pipeline only manages the process of posting a review online to make it easier for you and your customers. We don’t write fake reviews or suppress negative reviews.

How can I cancel my service?

You’re free to cancel any time by simply contacting us at We will confirm your cancellation which will be effective the next billing cycle.

Ready to manage your reviews?

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